Activity Report

Title of Activity

Extra curriculum activity
Career counseling by Shreyas Khivansara & Hiral Shah.

Date & Venue

7 October 2017
Kalaprabodhini’s institute of design,

Outcomes of activity

  • Guidance for Kalaprabodhini’s students also outsiders students parents visiting exhibition had participated for the benefits of the presentation
  • It helped students for selection of the right profession in the future
  • Got to know the different courses available in various university
  • Career options available after graduation course
  • Benefits of interior designing course

Description of activity

  • The day started with the exhibition and the inauguration by the guest
  • Many outsiders were gathered for enjoying the exhibition
  • At same time the presentation of Shreyas Khivansara was organized
  • All visitors were freely invited into this presentation with their parents for the future carrier guidance
  • Also the students of kpid were made compulsory to attend the presentation for the future selection of post graduation courses
  • The session as held with a motivational speech by Ar. Girija Kulkarni, principal of Kalaprabodhini’s institute of design college
  • And also the reviews were discussed with the present members
  • Finally principal felicitated the guest speaker with a motivational ending by Shreyas Khivansara

Activity Experience

  • Overall experience of the above activity was positive and enrichment for selection of the right career option in future
  • Interactive session was also organized to clear the doubt of all students within the college and outside the college

Assessment of activity outcomes

Outcome wise description of observation
  • Observation of the above activity was positive and enriching for the students
  • Students got to know what step should be taken after 12 and after graduation degree
  • Students got to know the Varity of courses available in the university
  • He also mentioned the advantage of the various course
  • And also explained how to apply for the particular course, hat all exams e need to hive for the admission
  • He also presented why this interior designing course is important and what benefits we can go through after this bachelors’ degree.


  • Concept for organizing this presentation was to let students grow towards the right direction
  • By letting them know about all the courses
  • To guide students for selection of courses after 12th and professional degree course


  • Positive attitude by students ,staff,
  • Positive feedback
  • Satisfactory feedback from outsiders parents and students
  • Good interactive session that clears out the questions of all the visitors with Shreyas Khivansara


  • 1st year-introduction for the Varity of courses
  • 2nd year- introduction for the Varity of courses
  • 3rd year- introduction for the Varity of courses
  • 4rt year-got the clear vision about masters courses available in India as well as abroad

Invitation Card

Felicitation by principal to guest of honor
Image showing students with staff members enjoying the presentation

Title of Activity

Extra curriculum activity
Seminar on Computerized Presentation tetchiness on 3D max
By - ID. Aditya Sarpotdar.

Date & Venue

9 October 2017
Kalaprabodhini’s institute of design,

Outcomes of activity

  • offices for express your ides with 3 dimension in front of client.
  • Learning something new is always an exciting part for students which helped them perform the tasks under the guidance of professional person, they also got to know how to interact & cope up with professionals.
  • Students got to know the new way of creative self expression, with help of practically used software which they can implement in their projects & in execution of design part later.
  • As an outcome of the workshop practicing & performing drawing with 3D Max in their projects style proved to be helpful in improving quality of design as well as drawing of students.
  • Getting live presentation on, face to face tips & guidance from ID. Aditya Sarpotdar. And also he boosted the enthusiasm towards practically oriented software 3D Max.

Description of activity

  • Warm welcome of the external visitor & conductor of the seminar the ID. Aditya Sarpotdar. sir & his introduction by the students.
  • Introduction About various software which is mostly & commonly used in the field or in practice.
  • Importance of 3D Max.
  • Students got addressed by ID. Aditya Sarpotdar. Sir regarding presentation seminar.
  • Sir explains how to handle the 3D max software during the seminar.
  • ID. Aditya Sarpotdar. Sir performed live demo with the help of laptop with different presentation technique in and style which proved to be the best part of the seminar.
  • Students got the opportunity to share same platform along with ID. Aditya Sarpotdar.Which resulted into production of good quality work by the beginners & also got appraisal for the same from ID Aditya Sarpotdar.

Activity Experience

Outcome wise description of observations/explanations
  • To learn the new creative art with the help of software & the students to explore their knowledge.
  • Learning the presentation style is beneficial in interior designing field
  • Learning 3D Max is to develop the practical base knowledge & it is important role here.
  • Students also tried their hands on making their design projects.
The concept/principles/procedures learn as the result of activity
  • The primary concept behind conducting this workshop was to introduce the actual work on offices.
  • The seminar of presentation techniques helped in improving & enhancing the drawing style of students.
  • Whichever students may learn but they should get stimulated mentally on how to implement this knowledge in their professional work.
Application of observation/experience in professional life/work
  • Presentation techniques can be used in various interior designing projects where students can design their work spaces with the help of this 3D Max software.
  • Some of them may find it interesting & later may develop these skills on professional front also they can apply these skills while doing interior projects. It may become their hobby or extra source of income.
Summary & Conclusion
  • The seminar proved to be actual practical experience for the students, Where they got the chance to interact with professional person & got to learn about the software’s which will prove to be helpful for them in professional as well as education level.

Assessment of Activity Outcomes

  • Learning professional base software and that also like 3D seminar which can be used in professional practice as well as in their design projects.
  • And also there is another carrier option like 3D visualize.


Felicitation of Guest of honor Power point presentation by ID. Aditya Sarpotdar. Id. Aditya Sarpotadar. By Ar. Girija Kulkarni.
Power point presentation by ID. Aditya Sarpotdar
Explaining his projects.
Students attending the Seminar.