The institute & pass out (Ex) students together have formed the committee named XPID, for the welfare of institute & to provide professional guidance on current working conditions, statistics in interior design field. The institute has applied for registration of XPID committee in alumni association.

The XPID alumni committee works for the welfare of institute & students & makes sure that the students will walk on correct path reaching towards successful career in interior design. Firstly, filling the entry forms & fees is mandatory. Each member is answerable to President of the committee & the president is directly in contact with institute’s higher authority. Motives of XPID alumni committee includes, to provide guidance to the students of institute so that they will have to face less obstacles in professional world.

As they will have strong support system around them guiding & mentoring them on how to make their way out & to stand strong by using their abilities. They can ask their queries to non-other than their seniors who have now become established in their work field. Another motive includes providing financial funding to the students who have to face financial crises because of weaker economical conditions. The members of committee also take part in extra- curricular activities getting conducted in the institute. Their main agenda in doing these things is mainly related to help their juniors, by grooming them in various possible ways.

XPID alumni committee also provide guidance & in actual helps students to secure ranks in various competitions like national levels society interior competition, Marathwada college’s interior design competitions and many more. The committee works for Students who are willing to do post graduation studies. From selecting the suitable institute/ college to take admission into to post graduation job opportunities there is always an helping hand ready to reach out for those in need.

After becoming an interior designer by qualification students need to make their own professional portfolios describing their strengths & capabilities in interior design. For this they need the vision & guidance of professional’s who have encountered interviews alike this. Also, after every 2 months the meeting of XPID committee is arranged to which the attendance of members is mandatory as per rules & regulations of the committee. Each member has given the right to suggest the opinions for the betterment of committee’s work profile, arrangement of presentations & slide shows for students.

Alumni Association’s Contribution to the Institute

  • As stated above the committee works for the welfare of institute & students, it gives the huge contribution in producing wise & successful interior designers.
  • The committee collects funds to support the students who are facing financial crises in the middle of their education & because of which they are unable to pay their fees to institute.
  • By arranging presentations & slide shows addressing the statistics, usage of materials, work execution & implementation of creative design ideas in the actual projects, students get to know the current situation in professional field to which was previously impossible to get familiar with before becoming a professional or working in offices.
  • So, we can state that by forming the committee, institute is now able to produce more up to date & skilful interior designers.
  • The XPID alumni association offers the large platform to the professionals as well as to the students to contribute in the welfare of institute. Because of the committee meetings they get to exchange their knowledge & new ideas which helps them to keep intact with today’s need in the professional work field.
  • The groups are formed on different social media’s so that everyone can get to know the latest newsfeed & it’s easy to maintain the transparency in the work profile of the committee by both sides i.e- committee members & institutes authority.
  • Overall, the committee proves to be a helping hand to the institute by contributing direct & indirect guidance, by supporting the students in various ways.