To regain the name & fame of Kolhapur in the domain of Arts & film and to be one of the globe of Centre of learning in Arts & Design.


To offer Professional (development) programmes in Arts & Design to enhance to Employment & Design potential amongst the aspirant and further individual potential to the fullest extent by providing, qualifying, learning, experience & Culture.

  • Developing system through research, training, collaborations with design industries and with new introduced programs.
  • Faculty & student empowerment programs;
  • Promote activity based, learning based to develop disciplinary minds, creative minds and innovative minds
  • Establishment of image laboratory for holistic personality development inclusive of transferable skills, generic skills and life skills;
  • Preparation of institute development plan for academic’s development;
  • Developing network with industry and institutions;
  • Enhancing network with stakeholders- alumina, parents & academician/industry experts;